TAC Approved

About a month ago we presented our design to the Engineers Without Borders Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and since then we have been working with them to satisfy their questions and concerns. Early this morning we received our approval! With Human Translations successful fundraiser and this approval we are cleared to begin construction in November when the dry season begins.


Human Translation Benefit Concert

Last night Human Translation held a Benefit Concert to raise money for our project and it turned out to be a huge success. We had been increasingly concerned with budget issues as the scope of this project has seemed to grow over the last year. This Benefit Concert was expected to be the largest funding source for this project but I think we were all a little skeptical of the outcome. So for HT to have such a successful event is very exciting and will be a huge help for the project.

Congratulations to Human Translation on all of their hard work putting this great event together!


TAC Review

We submitted our design to the National chapter last month and now we are going through the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) approval process. The National chapter provides a PowerPoint presentation outline that project teams fill out then present to the TAC. However, our project is a bit larger than the average EWB project so compressing the design into a 20 minute presentation did not really do it justice. The TAC has requested more Geotechnical information so we are creating a response that will answer their questions and hopefully demonstrate that our understanding of the project is much greater than that shown in the short presentation.