Trip to Cambodia (a short version)

Hey bloggers! It's Jess, and I am on day...9 of my trip out to Siem Reap. I don't have too much time to write now, and I only wanted to get my first post up on the blog before I ran out of time here. But I would like to say that this trip has been incredible so far. Everything I can think of to write at this moment is falling short of accurately describing the experience, which I imagine that the rest of you guys who have been out here on a site visit can attest to also. Everyone is really puttnig a big effort in right now, trying to close the gap between our budget and our costs.

I have taken a lotttt of pictures that i will post on the website as soon as I get them downloaded (or uploaded, i guess).

More from me in the near future....



The Helicopter Ride

Before leaving Siem Reap Steve Forbes insisted on taking a helicopter ride to the site to get some aerial photography. The helicopter was just brought to town by a company that uses it to fly tourists around Angkor Wat but our pilot, Matt, was happy to take a detour from his normal loop and help us find Trau Kod.

It took us less than 10 minutes to fly to the site and Steve, Bouny and I didn't stop taking photos until we landed. It was really amazing. This was the first time we could see the entire project at once; other than the blurry satellite photos we have been using from google earth.

When we got back I sent a text to Chai asking him if he saw us flying above. He wrote back: "I only saw steve clearly.did u land off? A lots of people ask me did u operate or pilot instruct u some and Y not land off at site? Oh,i think u had big..fun.!"