Vetiver... finally

Chai and the tillers

With the help of Bun Heng, Tobias and the Office of the Royal Development Projects Board in Bangkok, HT has recently procured the long awaited vetiver tillers. Three thousand tillers were delivered in all and now we will need to propagate and plant to stabilize our embankment.


Meeting the Minister

There were quite a few high ranking officials at the fishery ceremony last month including the Deputy Governor of Siem Reap and the Minister of Forestry.

Here is a photo of Tobias Rose-Stockwell, the Human Translation director, chatting with the Minister of Agriculture, Fishery & Forestry, H.E. Chan Sarun during the ceremony.


Trav Kod Watergate Presentation: India 2010!

Earlier this summer, the EWB team was selected by the Environmental & Water Resources Institute, a branch of the ASCE, to present the Trav Kod Watergate Project at their 3rd Annual Developing Nations Conference, this coming January in Chennai, India! The full title of this conference is: An International Perspective on Current & Future State of Water Resources & the Environment. EWB's responsibilities consist of submitting a technical paper detailing community relationships, project history and development, design, and construction, and developing an oral presentation, which will be delivered at the conference in Chennai over a few days in January.

The conference consists of projects centered around water and environmental issues throughout Asia and Africa. Project presentations will focus on the global effect of the regional issues confronted in these projects, and the innovative solutions implemented as a result. EWB is proud to share the story of the Trav Kod project on behalf of HT, HRND, the Balang Commune, and all of our partners, in such a conference!

Check out the conference website for more details: http://content.asce.org/conferences/india2010/index.html


Tuk Thom Thom

HT was just able to obtain this photo from a company that flew by the site taking photos. Pretty nice!