Grassing Ceremony

HT and HRND have been coordinating with the local villagers on grassing of the embankment. The planning took several weeks, and kicked off this past Sunday with a great success. Nearly 50% of the main embankment was covered in one day! The effort was distributed amongst the villagers by allotting sections of the embankments to a particular village. This made coordination and managing efforts much more efficient.
During the coordination and planning efforts of this task, things seem to fall in place as far as establishing a Water User Group. Leaders and villagers have come forth and organized into work groups. Continual participation from the villagers and leaders such as this will lead to their better understanding, ownership, and maintenance of the structure once it's handed over to them.


Design Squad

Last November wiL brought a very fancy HD video camera to Cambodia which was given to him by a film crew working for a PBS show called Design Squad. Each episode has a short segment about engineers or designers that are working on interesting projects and the crew wanted to produce a short segment about Matt Sisul and Wil Cao for their show. So we took a bunch of videos of the project and of us messing around and the crew was able to turn it into a really great clip. And it was recently shown on TV! Here is a link to the video.


Quick Update

Here is a new photo from Bouny, Steve Forbes is back in Siem Reap, and it sounds like Chanda will be close to completing concrete by the end of this month!