Science, Technology & Innovation

I spoke on behalf of the Cambodia Team at the Science, Technology and Innovation Forum during the UN General Assembly meeting on September 22nd. The event, sponsored by USAID and the New York Academy of Sciences was to build on the momentum generated from our Agency's conference- Transforming Development through Science, Technology & Innovation.

The forum featured an interactive "science fair" to showcase examples of currenty low-cost, life-saving technologies, that have or can have a transformational impact in the developing world. These products from the public and private sector demonstrate the great potential to solve current and future development problems.

The forum was interested in the Kite Aerial Photography (KAP).

The KAP was designed to obtain site visuals when maps were not available.

To see the clip of the presentation on the project, please see:

For the rest of the presentations as well as the write ups please see: http://www.usaid.gov/scitech/