Impact Assessment

l-r: matt barber, tim weiss, steve forbes, jess miller

Since the major milestone of the watergate completion, the project is progressing towards yet another interesting phase called the impact assessment. Over the past few months, we had several brainstorming sessions on how to gauge the impacts in which the completed watergate and restored reservoir will have on the village and villagers for the next few years.

We met up with Steve Forbes a few weeks ago to share some of our initial thoughts on planning and implementation of the impact assessment. Steve have worked with many other projects that have implemented their own assessment. Additionally, his own dissertation involves some of these projects as case studies. It was interesting to hear some of these other approaches and learn how impact assessments are often project specific, and requires some adjusting to better suit the conditions of another project.


A House for Mr. Trau Kod

We first met Mr. Trau Kod last year during the embankment repair. Now that the watergate has been completed, Boc Kron built Mr. Trau Kod a more permanent house so he can provide protection over the resevior.


Angkorian reservoir revived

About a month and a half ago, Erica Goldberg from the Phnomn Penh Post wanted to write about the Opening Ceremony that was to take place that next day. When she met up with us, she learned a great deal more about the project itself, inspiring her to write not just about the ceremony, but to also follow up with another story about the project itself. She's kept her word, and had an article posted in today's paper. Take a read of today's article.....