Steel Gateway

Chanda has been sending us drawings on the steel gateway. There have been several discussions on paint products to prevent the weathering and rust of the steel, and most of the conversation has led to a non-organic zinc epoxy base type of paint system.

Khmer New Year

As the Khmer New Year celebrations reaches its end, the construction crew returns to the site to continue with the concrete work. From the latest progress reports, both wingwalls are complete, and formwork is being prepared on the dissipation blocks. At the same time, Chanda has been preparing for the fabrication of the steel gateway.


One Down ...

Chanda and the crew completed the first wing wall pour last week ...

and they have moved right onto forming the next one.

The structure is starting to take shape!


Steve Forbes - Man of the Year

Steve Forbes is like a superstar. With a name like that floating around at an EWB conference, you're guaranteed to attract a group of students and professionals wanting to have a chat with you, asking for advice, opinion, and even time to sit in on one of their meetings.

It thus comes to no surprise that he was honored this year's "FOUNDERS AWARD" for "...embracing the visibility and advancing the mission of EWB-USA..."

The unsuspecting Steve Forbes humbly accepted his award to a standing ovation of 700 people.
Congrats Steve!

EWB National Conference Seattle

Bryse and I attended the EWB National Conference held in Seattle on behalf of our NYC chapter to present the water dam project. We meet up with Steve Forbes and Sammy, a student from Ghana, here to represent one of the international chapters (EWB-Ghana) and participate on the International EWB Panel Discussions