The Cambodia Team goes to India!

After flying for what seemed like forever the team met up in Chennai, India, for the EWRI of ASCE's 3rd International Perspective on Current & Future State of Water Resources & the Environment, held on January 5-7, 2010.

From Left to Right: Jason , Monica, Jess, Matt, Bryse, Tim

Matt, the project lead, gave the presentation, which by far was the best, but, I could also be a bit biased.

As for India, it definitely was an intense and rewarding experience. Those of us who had the time to travel a bit longer got a well-rounded view of India.

Including, the large city of Chennai, where in order to cross the bustling streets, we had to play Frogger-- with only 1 life. We continued to travel into Mamallapuram where we stayed on the beach and watched many cultural and traditional dances during a large festival. Afterwards a few of us went up north to Darjeeling (a city 2000m above sea level), to go trekking.

The most amazing view was being 3000m above sea level and seeing the night sky, including the Milky Way, unobstructed by light pollution.

After our first experience with the trains in India, we arrived in Varansi (a very religious and spiritual place) where we witnessed the festival of new beginnings and the solar eclipse. Granted it was foggy out.

In the end, there are a few things I learned while in India:
1) Public Urination is common, even if there is a bathroom around the corner.
2) Nobody is every in a rush, except when it comes to driving.
3) Drivers are perpetually on the horn.
4) "India time" refers to 6 hour delays or more.
5) Anything goes.