One of our goals while we're here in Cambodia is to identify other potential projects we could implement as part of this one.

One idea would be to address deforestation north of the job site, where farmers have been clearing the land during the dry season as a supplemental form of income. Deforestation has gotten bad enough that timber prices in Balang Commune have tripled in recent years. A solution could be simple reforestation, or alternatively a concept to plant trees bearing fruit that can be sold at the market.

Another project proposed by a different NGO would involve using the reservoir for small-scale fish farming. The EWB team could help recommend simple measures to reduce downstream pollution from the fish farm effluent.

Another water project could include installing a series of inexpensive wells. I have a system in mind that can be installed entirely by the villagers, and is made exclusively of readily available components (ie good transfer of technology and good sustainability). We may consider using surplus UNICEF pumps which are readily and inexpensively available in Cambodia. http://www.fdungan.com/well.htm

Also, we could consider more seriously some transportation issues. It could be relatively inexpensive to implement some basic roadway erosion mitigation using the lessons learned from the embankment repair work we'll be doing at the Trau Kod Dam.

There's so much more work to be done, and our scope could potentially grow quite a bit once we're able to take on more work.

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