Wood Bridge

Some days the scope of our project seems to be multiplying.

The Commune Chief brought me to a small timber bridge today on the way to the dam site. He pointed out some broken planks and asked me to take a quick look underneath. A few of the rather small but critical beams have broken due to overloading. There appears to be no structurally reliable foundation at all. And several of the columns have large grooves cut into them from their previous life as part of a house down the road.

We've driven our heavy 4WD van over this bridge every day for the past month, but seeing it now from underneath, I wouldn't feel secure driving a small car over it. It's not safe, and it's rather heavily trafficked for a rural road. I'm worried it could collapse at any moment without warning.

We'll need to bring some heavy machinery over this bridge for the dam project. That means we'll have to do some repair work on the bridge before we can get construction rolling on the dam.

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