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Meeting at military site

These past few weeks have been focused on meetings with the Military, District leaders, Commune leaders, and village leaders. Last week was the first meeting where all were able to meet at one place. Our main topic of discussion was the canal construction which was due to begin yesterday, however, due to malfunctioning equipment is delayed till tomorrow. Also discussed was the erosion control measures for the embankment as well as the proposed laterite roadway.

Dr. Paul Truong of the Vetiver Network
(photo credit: www.hydromulch.co.za/vetiver-grass.htm)

Tobias recently took a trip to Bangkok to inquire about Vetiver grass, which we hope to use along the embankment. A tropical grass that grows locally has many uses from slope stabilization to prevention and treatment of contaminated water and land. This grass with its amazing root structure could be the answer to our erosion issues. We were given some samples to test out for ourselves.


Fan of Bangkok Hotels said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It's very informative. I love to read it and do hope to read your next story.

The Vetiver Network (International) said...

I suppose you realize that what you want to do in Cambodia has all been done in Thailand and Neighboring Vietnam. Your really don't need to do much testing, rather get on with the job and carry out some sizable demonstrations on canal banks and other infrastructure. see: http://www.vetiver.org/ICV4-ppt/BA03-PP.pdf

if the technology works in Vietnam it is sure to work in Cambodia

Good luck

Dick Grimshaw TVNI