Organized Chaos

For the last few weeks we have been preparing for our second site assessment trip to Cambodia. Most of the preparation has consisted of many long conversations about what we need to accomplish and discussing the best ways to accomplish everything. When the first team left for Cambodia last November we had almost no idea what to expect. But from that first trip we have gained a much clearer view of the project and we are trying to build on the first teams experience during this next trip.
So, things we need to accomplish on this trip:
1. Phase I – Embankment Repair
A. Review the downstream side of the embankment to determine the best route for the toe drain.
2. Phase II – Canal System
A. Obtain surveying points relating the South-East canal to the future water gate.
B. Obtain GPS points of as much of the canal system as possible.
C. Review the canal system for possible culvert locations.
3. Phase III – Water Gate
A. Divert the stream and test the soil beneath the area of the future water gate.
4. Community/Health Assessment
A. Interview Human Translation and locals within the community.
It seems pretty straight forward but apparently things typically take twice as long over in Cambodia plus it’s hard to not to worry things that may go wrong. For example, check out wiL’s leach bite from the first trip. It seems like whenever you travel in a foreign country there are unexpected things, good and bad, and as much as we are trying to plan everything we’re probably going to have to be very flexible and ready for things to not go as planned.

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