Site Survey

One aspect of this project that is still unknown is the volume of water this reservoir will typically hold. Apparently, the basin looks like a huge field and, other than the main embankment, the basin is surrounded by gradually inclining hills. This is one of the reasons we need a detailed site survey. We already have some topographic maps of the area but the entire reservoir fits between the contour lines provided.

By reviewing this detailed survey information with the annual rainfall data we are hoping to better understand the capacity of water this reservoir will provide to the surrounding canal systems. The next step will be a review of the canal system. A detailed survey of the canals would not be possible due to limited resources and safety concerns. However, our ideas for getting around a detailed survey of the entire canal system are first to find GPS points along the canals and second to use Kite Areal Photography (KAP) to photograph the system. (pretty excited about trying the KAP)

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